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I'm the Pokemon icon chick! :XD: I do other stuff sometimes too, so have a look!

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I'm working on a game called Mermaid No Monogatari. (It's not a collab with someone else yet; it's just a personal project of mine.) The game will be an adventure RPG with puzzle-heavy themed dungeons, and is inspired by older classic RPGs, in particular the Legend of Zelda Game Boy Color games. (In fact, in my head the game looks like it could be an Oracle of Ages romhack, though I'll make the game using RPG Maker.)
My ultimate dream/goal is, of course, to get this made into an actual playable game (possibly even available through Steam, though I'm not entirely opposed to free distribution), but that's still a LONG way off. I'm ultimately going to need some help doing sprites, scores, and testing, but I don't want to touch that stuff until the writing, dungeon schematics, and character and enemy design is all done, which is going to take a while. In the meantime, if you guys have any suggestions at all for this game, please let me know! If I end up using your suggestion in the finished game, I'll put your name in the credits (unless you don't want me to, of course)! :dummy:

Here's some of what I have so far:

The evil demoness Zetsubo [working name] has wrenched the Mana Core from the bowels of the earth and shattered it into twelve pieces, which were then scattered across the land. You must traverse the land of Silvia [working title] and collect all twelve Mana Shards to restore peace and harmony to the world.
(My idea was to write a fairly standard RPG plot (explore dungeons all across the game world to gather mystical items in order to defeat some looming evil), but with a mermaid for a protagonist, because dangit there needs to be more mermaids in video games :XD:)

CHARACTERS: (details subject to change)
Sophie, age 16. The protagonist of the story, and a seer-in-training. She is always eager to help, even if it means rushing headlong into something without thinking.
Helena, age 37. Sophie's mother, and Royal Seer to the Court of Audra. She is kind and helps where she can, but as a mother she can be a bit strict (though she would say she's just being protective).
Valdemar, age 40. Sophie's father, and the town blacksmith. He has a good sense of humor, but when things get rough, he's the first one in line to help, even (and sometimes especially) if it means busting some heads.
Lily, age 16. Sophie's best friend. She tends an orchard, and often grows rare and exotic plants in addition to her usual crops. She loves plants, and has a tendency to nerd out about them.
Sari, age 35. Lily's stepmom, and a good friend of Sophie's family. Sari is the town clothier, and knows more about humans than anyone else in town.
Kira, age 38. Lily's mom, and a good friend of Sophie's family. Kira is the town butcher and a bit of a gossip-hound. Sari and Kira married when Lily was a baby, shortly after Lily's dad died.
Queen Audra, age 53. Queen of the Silvian oceans. Her palace is in Sophie's hometown. She is a benevolent ruler, though she has a rather stern demeanor, and cannot abide rudeness. [I haven't written her in anywhere yet.]
Vincent, age 17. A clothier-in-training from the human settlement by the coast. He (biologically female) apprentices to the town clothier on his father's insistence (his father seems to think forcing him into a woman's job will make him realize that he's actually a woman), but his real passion is art. He spends his free time sketching and painting at the beach.
Zetsubo, age unknown. The villain of the story, her goal is to plunge the land of Silvia into chaos and darkness. No one knows exactly who she is or where she came from.
[I put a lesbian couple and a transgender character in the game because I feel there needs to be more LGBTQ representation in games. I may switch it so that Valdemar is Lily's dad and Sari is Sophie's stepmom, though. I'm open to suggestion on that.]

DUNGEONS: (details subject to change; some dungeons may not have a special item)
1: Coral Cave, home of the Shard of Water. Puzzle type: switches hidden under rocks. Special item: Power Bracers. Lets you lift or move heavy objects. Boss: Coral Bass, a giant fish with coral chunks growing out of it. To defeat it, hit it in the face with your sword to stun it, then while it's stunned, use the Power Bracers to rip out the coral.
2: Palace of the Sun, home of the Shard of Light. Puzzle type: reflecting light beams. Special item: Luminous Mirror. Lets you reflect beams of light or energy. Boss: Queen Scylla, the ghost of the previous mermaid queen. To defeat her, use the Luminous Mirror to reflect her energy beams back at her.
3: Wreck of the SS Bleak, home of the Shard of Darkness. Puzzle type: TBD. Special item: TBD. Boss: Captain Whitescar, a skeletal pirate captain. Battle strategy TBD.
4: Quicksand Quarry, home of the Shard of Power. Puzzle type: jumping over holes in the floor, blowing up obstacles. Special item: Wing Boots. Lets you jump over enemies and small gaps. (No effect underwater.) [You obtain Bombs shortly before entering the dungeon.] Boss: giant antlion, name TBD. It will stay in the center of the screen; throw Bombs onto it to hurt it (your sword has no effect). Occasionally it will make shock waves or lash out an appendage; use the Wings Boots to jump and avoid these hazards.
5: Jagged Crags, home of the Shard of Stone. Puzzle type: moving big rocks around. Special item: TBD. Boss: rock golem, name TBD. Battle strategy TBD.
6: Flame Chambers, home of the Shard of Fire. Puzzle type: use fire to clear away obstacles in a grid. Special item: Fire Wand. Lets you set objects and enemies on fire. (If used underwater, shoots scalding water.) Boss: description and battle strategy TBD.
7: Glacier of Snow, home of the Shard of Ice. Puzzle type: sliding on ice. Special item: Ice Wand. Lets you freeze objects and enemies. Boss: description and battle strategy TBD.
8: Crystal Caverns, home of the Shard of Beauty. Puzzle type: symmetry, finding the odd one out. Special item: TBD. Boss: description and battle strategy TBD.
9: Butterfly Thicket, home of the Shard of Earth. Puzzle type: TBD. Special item: TBD. Boss: description and battle strategy TBD.
10: Spring of Rebirth, home of the Shard of Life. Puzzle type: TBD. Special item: Third Eye. Lets you see invisible or disguised objects and enemies. Boss: name and description TBD. There are several spots on it that all look exactly the same. You must use the Third Eye to see which one is different, and hit that part with your sword.
11: Skull Crypt, home of the Shard of Death. Puzzle type: TBD. Special item: TBD. Boss: description and battle strategy TBD.
12: Clouds of Silvia, home of the Shard of Air. Puzzle type: TBD. Special item: Dove Wings. Lets you jump across large gaps. (Replaces the Wing Boots.) Boss: description and battle strategy TBD.

:dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy:


ShrimpBisque's Profile Picture
Jessica Kimmey
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hi there! :meow: My name's Jessica, but people online call me Shrimp. I love Pokemon, and I used to run the Pokemon club at my university (I had to step down because I moved). Right now we're working on instituting Gym Leaders :dummy:

When I'm not busy with school stuff, I'm usually loafing around on some game or other, or making craft stuff.

Here are the other places you can find me around the net:
Subeta: [link] but I don't go there often
Tumblr: [link] and I'm on every day
Facebook: [link]
YouTube: [link]
MapleStory - Windia: ThreefoldLaw (153 Bishop), ShrimpBisque (151 Corsair), GreyInGrey (115 Demon Slayer), MyDichotomy (181 Zero)

I also play Minecraft, but I currently only do single-player. If you have a nice calm, easy-difficulty, griefing-free server that I can join and build myself a hole in the ground or something, feel free to invite me! :P I hope to institute my own server soon-ish (maybe by the end of the year, provided I finish the prep)!

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